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Anyone can take a photograph. Point your camera and click. However, matters become a lot more complicated when the photograph in question is going to be used to promote your company to the world. Such a photograph could be the first, and last, thing that a prospective client will use to judge your company, so it is critical that your official company photographs give the right impression to prospective clients, and match the image and expectations that your company is aiming for.

All images we take are copyrighted to you, and are provided in any format you request

Jemmett Fox Media use the latest equipment and professional editing software to ensure that the photographs that we take are perfect for you and your company. We can arrange to have photographs taken for any use you require; for marketing, for web display, for signs, or even for advertising on the side of a blimp (you never know)

Whether it's studio product photography, fashion photography, event photography or photographs for use on your website or for marketing purposes, we have the facilities and experience to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality and represents you and your company on both the local and world stage