Welcome to the “Jemmett Fox Media – 24 Days Of Christmas” special offer sale… event… thing! (nailed it)

It’s simple. Every weekday, an offer, and every weekday, a keyword. Both change at 09.00 the following day, and will be gone FOREVER! For offers / keywords posted on Friday they will be changed the following Monday, giving you the weekend to check!

Make sure to come back each day and note down the keyword. The last keyword will be released on Monday 23rd December. At any point from then until 09.00 on Tuesday 24th December, everyone who either Tweets us or comments on Facebook with the FULL PHRASE that the keywords create will be put into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher! We’ll notify the winner before 10.00 on Christmas Eve, and if it’s you, you’ll just need to send us your email address (which we won’t use for anything other than competition entry, or give away to anyone else) and we’ll send you the voucher electronically direct from Amazon!

All good? Great! Welp, barring any major problems / accidents / Brexit issues, then the word and offer for today should be in the section below! And just because we love you, there’s a nice picture as well to cheer you up!


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